They stay fresh and are cost-effective they are lightweight and effortless also non-allergic.

my favourite is the hydrangea, peonies and the vintage roses along with some eucalyptus and fern for added greenery. they are so realistic looking and will brighten up any space either in your home or business, good quality silk flowers can be expensive but they are the best and in the long run, they will save you money than buying fresh.



Silk flowers are perfect for bringing brightness into your home and business they can decorate any space in your home or business they will give that wow factor and welcoming feel, not only do floral arrangements and plants breathe life into your home or business but colours also add a pop! my favourite plant is the succulent as they are very easy to look after I also love the different varieties and colours.

Fresh flowers always look beautiful but keeping fresh flowers in your home and business can be expensive, fortunately, silk flowers are so realistic-looking that you can use them and no one will ever know and decorating with silk flowers is easy and helps keep your home or business fresh and bright no matter the time of year.

Not sure where to start decorating with silk flowers? well, here are a few ideas.

Grab a vase then fill and no water needed you can also use dry foam in a pot but not in clear vases



If your home or business is neutral then the world is your oyster as lots of bright colours and greens are perfect as well as subtle well as for bright coloured walls then more neutral colours are a perfect pick.

Remember to make it seasonal, silk flowers can be customized to fit the season or holiday on the plus side you can change and swap your arrangements around for many years to come as long as you look after them.

Silk flowers are perfect for bringing brightness into your home or business making it warm and inviting to any space, not only do floral arrangements breath life into your home or business space but the colours can add a pop! potted plants are also a great way to bring brightness as these are effortless and will never die if you don’t have time or don’t have a green thumb artificial are perfect.



I like to wipe with a dry cloth or use a hairdryer on a low setting to blow any dust away, if storing away your arrangements you should wrap in bubble wrap in a dry place.

If vases are not your thing then why not go for a nice pot or wooden planter or even a stone pot and I also like to hang silk everlasting arrangements rather than a photo, this will give you a variety of styles and textures this way you can match your overall decor and vibe.

Silk flowers, dried flowers and plants no matter what you choose they are sure to be a flawless addition to your home or business.

I love silk flowers and the forms they create in every shape and size. 

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